Chapter 20–It Has Become Hum-Drum

img_3789It’s as though this is just turning into a diary.  I went here.  I did this.  I bought that.  I rested.  I traveled there.  Boring.  Like you want to read about how hum-drum my life had become, right? I guess what this means is that life had gradually become normal.  Not many tears this month.  No deep thoughts.  At least none that I remembered.  But if I can encourage you to keep on reading, there will be some interesting tidbits in the future.

Another Mother’s Day

Lance stayed in Illinois through Mother’s Day.  He and friend Teri were photographers for a State of Concert, which kind of made us feel like awesome recording stars or something.  And on Mother’s Day at the request of the pastor at church, I read an original poem.  I wondered if I would cry, but I actually made a mistake and found that it settled my nerves!

Another First

I got gas for the mower.  Never had to do that.  I thought, how hard could it be?  Lugging the filled containers was the hardest part.  Another first added to my list of “things you might have to do when you are a widow.”

Another Trip

Sue, fellow retired educator and good friend from church, asked me if I would join her on a bus trip to Holland, MI for the Tulip Festival.  That was something Roger and I had wanted to do when we retired, so I jumped at the chance.  The concerts, buffets, parades, and laughter made for a great time.  Never knew what street scrubbers were.  Now I do.  Sue and I had much in common:  Christian school experience. Public school experience. About the same age. Alone in life.  She never married, however her dad had lived with her, and his recent death left a void in her heart, like mine.

We met two couples whose spouses died; they married people whose spouses had died. Odd.  Maybe it could happen to me.  Who knew?

I mowed, I slept, I ate, and I attended a bridal shower, and then went to a wedding.

Another first

First wedding since Roger died.

13265896_10153985135685783_6016224024358161249_nYears ago I had finished playing the organ for a wedding at Fairview Baptist Church in Decatur, AL.  People were waiting around for pictures to be taken, and Waylon Free asked a question.  “Do you know why women cry at weddings? It’s because they hear the wedding vows again and remember that they aren’t keeping them.  It makes them sad!” He was being funny, of course, but I always remembered that question when I attended a wedding.

I usually cried during a ceremony, but not for that reason.  It was because I was so thankful that I had a great husband.  They were always tears of joy.  But at Micah and Shannon’s wedding I felt my emotions surface for a different reason.  This couple was beginning their lifetime journey.  I had ended mine with Roger 18 months earlier.


If you have read any of my previous chapters, you know that I 10482592_10155940415230413_2831617512000646325_nreference the value of friendship frequently. Having friends who will include you in their activities without your asking might not seem important at the time, but when you look back at that barren time in your life, you will bless God for them. Gary and Carol invited me to attend a Sincerity and Mark and Pam Fisher concert.  It was refreshing.  And Mike and Della kept taking me out to eat for Sunday lunch. They would never know how I desperately needed that fellowship.

Another Trip

An “end of May” trip to Michigan let me shop with Steph, listen to a piano recital, help with and watch Kindergarten Graduation, and even attend The Phantom of the Opera, which was absolutely marvelous. We had a cookout at Chad’s with lots of church folk on Memorial Day.  Add Lisa to the mix, and was it was a happy time.

So there you have it.  A short chapter.  Nothing earth-shaking.  No breakdowns.  No incessant weeping.

But please keep reading.  I write because it gives me an outlet.  And I write because of you.  I want to share my journey with you.

OBSERVATION:  A Hum-drum life can be good sign.

OBSERVATION:  Life. Goes. On.

HELPFUL HINT:  Be a friend to someone who is hurting.  You will never know the impact you have on them.

HELPFUL HINT:  Because life goes on, cherish each moment.  In a group.  With friends.  At the mall.  With strangers.  Alone.  Cherish each moment.