The Grandma


I became a grandma in 1999. I have four children, and two of them are married. The married children each have four children. (Kind of sounds like a math problem, doesn’t it?)

Eight humans, tiny and big, call me Grandma.  It has been said that grandkids are a reward for not killing your own kids.  That may be true for some, but that was not my experience.

Holding a precious new life who is the offspring of your own progeny is indescribable.  My relationship with my “grands” has made me aware of what children need and want: nurturing, love, attention, time, patience, and boundaries.

Spending time with your grandchildren can be rewarding if you include a reading activity, even when it means reading the same book 300 times.  To see some of the ways I read to my grandchildren, check out my YouTube Channel The Principal Grandma.

A Grandma is always on the go. I’ll share more later.