IMG_0119If you have followed my blog about my husbands “Brainstorm,” and have now stumbled across this page, congratulations.  You can now find out what happened to me after that storm.

After a turbulent storm has run its course, there are other kinds of storms that can arise.  This page is about that new storm.  It’s a heartstorm–the period of struggles during the first year of being a widow.

Get a cup of coffee and join me as we bounce along, up and down.  Laugh with me.  Cry with me.  I won’t sugar-coat any of my feelings.  I’ll share some of my deepest thoughts and fears.  You’ll hear how God has become very real to me.

Hopefully you will come away enlightened, encouraged, and equipped to help others who are going through this storm. Or even prepare yourself, if you should ever have to join “the widow club.”  Believe me.  I never thought I would become a member, and I wish someone had given me some insight before my initiation.

Your very presence on this site reaffirms my purpose in life:  to glorify God and be a help to others.

Thanks for joining me.