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Chapter 20–Every Storm That Comes, Also Comes to an End

Throughout this brainstorm, there were many times I felt that we were at a turning point—for the worse. But the next few days were the most critical we had ever faced. We took more pictures than I did writing—explanation is … Continue reading

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Chapter 19–The Storm Is Almost Over

At this point, I am marking the days.  That means that I look at the date in my journal, and, since I know when the brainstorm ends, I can count how many days are left.  Mind you, while I lived this in … Continue reading

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Chapter 17–Comfort Is on the Horizon

And so it begins:  the beginning of the end of the beginning. November 11, 2014 You will recall that we had made the decision to call in hospice, and it was confirmed while Roger was getting fluids at a local … Continue reading

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Chapter 16–I Thought the Hardest Part of the Storm Was Over

I had been through some difficult days.  I knew the end would be difficult.  But the time to make a painful decision had come, and it hurt.  It really hurt.  It was a decision that I expected to make one day.  … Continue reading

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Chapter 15–Sometimes You Do What You Gotta Do

You do what you have to do in an emergency. For example, Jeanne Campbell, who has broken bones in her legs, was sitting in her Lewisburg, West Virginia, home when a massive storm barreled through late last week and a … Continue reading

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