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Chapter 5 – Storms don’t stop for birthdays.

The National Weather Service predicts Christmas Eve precipitation from Missouri to Michigan, with rain turning into snow in some areas (2014).  Do you know what?  Storms don’t stop for Christmas…or birthdays. August 6, 2014.  It was a birthday I’ll never … Continue reading

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Chapter 4 – We thought we were prepared.

Chapter 4 If you wait until the storm is upon you, you may be exposed to wind, hail, rain, lightning and maybe even flying debris as you go to the cellar.  Source The all-important brain biopsy happened the morning of … Continue reading

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Chapter 3 – It was the beginning of a long storm.

…Tropical storms or hurricanes can last for days and days, as long they stay over open water. Hurricanes can often live for a long period of time—as much as two to three weeks. Source It became a whirlwind of doctors from … Continue reading

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Chapter 2 – Fear in the Storm

What frightens you?  The sound of thunder can send a chill down to the very marrow of your bones, splitting asunder your usually calm exterior and leaving you trembling, afraid, and in need of flight. (from I pondered our appointment with … Continue reading

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Chapter 1 – A Sudden Storm

Storms can come upon us without much warning. I remember the morning of our appointment with the neurologist in Decatur. I felt so nervous. It was like if I drove slowly to the appointment I could avoid this impending doom … Continue reading

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